How low can you go? Ask the Herald Sun.

Not since Greg Jericho was outed by a petulant rag have I seen such a blatant misuse of ink as the Herald Sun managed to achieve today. I’m speaking of the call for the sacking of Andy Blume, a tram driver and something of a twitter celebrity.

As far as twitter goes, I’d call him a friend. He’s constantly rude and inappropriate. He’s offensive. He’ll show you his dick if you ask nicely. He’s bloody funny and has a huge heart.

Andy was not targeted because of anything to do with his work. He was marked for summary execution because he is critical of a rag that fails every conceivable test of journalistic integrity. Perhaps it would help to put this into context. This is a newspaper that has published calls for the assassination of the Prime Minister, that has wilfully published disinformation regarding the science of climate change, and seemingly encourages its morally challenged staff to accept bribes in return for favourable editorials. If Australia had a worthwhile media regulator, the Herald Sun would be fined out of existence. Alas, we don’t, and the blight continues. People buy this piece of shit every day, naively believing it operates within some moral framework that dictates the news can’t be fabricated.

Andy, on the other hand, has worked for a decade at his job, probably obnoxiously. Nobody has died on his watch, so we could fairly call him competent. It would take the longest of bows to draw the same conclusion of his current detractors.

Oh, and by the way Wayne Flower, you cur, If you want to out others expect the same in return. You’re known now.


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