The Shame of Being Australian

Here’s a thought swingers. How about we grow a pair and start stepping up to the crease? Why don’t we stop trembling in the corner like Aspidistras with Parkinson’s disease and actually take the fight to some of these festering rodents that somehow managed to get elected, despite their multitudinous social handicaps and glaring ineptitude? The last time I checked, our elected officials were meant to be servants of the public, yet they operate – almost to a man (or woman) as mouthpieces for the minority interest groups who fund their grubby campaigns. Our votes empowered them, and our apathy allows them to make the proverbial hay unchecked. Fuck that. I’ve seriously had enough, and I’m seriously pissed off with you for being so damned complacent.

The Liberals have acted so contemptibly for so long that we’ve become inured to their poison. Tony Abbott stumbles from one verbal travesty to the next and we don’t even blink anymore. Scott Morrison breathes excrement like the rest of us breathe air and nobody bats an eye. Hockey dares to display a hint of humanity and is forced to retract within one revolution of the news cycle, under the threat of crucifixion. Turnbull – perhaps the only creature of conviction within the leper colony – eats his own spine and stays stum, quietly hoping his party will implode so that he can rise from the ashes on the wings of ‘I told you so’. It won’t be so. This bunch of clusterfucks won’t countenance anther liberal Liberal in my lifetime. Most likely they never will again. It is the party of science denying, religious wingnuts. All hail the American Midwest. Fuck you if you don’t love my God.

Labor is no better. We just had to go and sacrifice integrity for the novelty of a woman in the top job. Hooray for Julia. Hooray for women. Without the women’s vote we would have had the grubby little failed social experiment that is Abbott. Unfortunately that’s not anywhere near good enough. Julia wheeled and dealt for the sole purpose of Julia, and time and again we’ve seen real reform laid out on the altar of political expediency. Every genuine reform effort Rudd made has been hopelessly compromised by an opportunistic idiot – a woman so enamoured with her own image as to render herself cripple.

The saddest, most pathetic card in the deck has to be handed to the Greens. Bob – here’s a tip for free. The Greens are no longer a ‘protest’ party. You doubled your primary vote in one fell swoop, yet continue to alienate your growing base. I voted for you because my conscience dictated so, but I can’t stand stupidity, and that’s what you’re putting out there. I know your policies. I’ve read them all. Yet you allow the press to misrepresent you on a daily basis without rebuke. It’s like you want to fail, and you will fail – for as long as you remain a party of wishy washy ideals and not a party of action.

I really don’t know how much more I can stand. Children are being whored out to the filthy uncle of politics. While I eat my dinner whole families are in prison, multinational mining interests are raping the land, and perhaps most importantly, we are becoming an embarrassing joke to the rest of the world. Do something, for fuck’s sake. It’s your vote, and it’s your voice. Make it count.


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