Catherine Deveny should shut up.

It’s impossible to frame a singular atheist viewpoint due to the inconvenience of atheists generally arriving at their world view through independent thought. While undoubtedly (and unfortunately) some children have been indoctrinated into atheism by their parents, these form a minuscule number in comparison to those who have made the conscious decision to reject religion and develop their own ethics through dint of experience and introspection. Those of us who have made the journey have all assayed our own personal mountains by our own unique paths. This is why we don’t form clubs. We don’t seek constant reaffirmation of our philosophy from our peers.

Such being what such is, I do not presume to speak for others. I can only proffer my considered opinion, which in this instance is that Catherine Deveny and her ilk are a liability to the cause of free thought, and are symptomatic of the weakness of our position when arguing against the base superstition and irrationality of religion.

Let’s be honest about what religion is. It is a mental illness. People come to religiosity through one of two paths; either they are indoctrinated through upbringing, or something has broken in their lives – leading them to seek an alternate and less painful reality. In either case we are talking about a vulnerable and confused individual, worthy of compassion and empathy. To attack a religious person is no different to attacking an ADHD or bi-polar disorder sufferer. To take it further, it’s like venting at a diabetic for the crime of having diabetes, or an epileptic for having epilepsy.

Deveny is utterly unable to separate cause and effect. She kicks against the pricks like a farm animal, making no distinction between the institution and the institutionalised. Her lack of discernment not only undermines the cause of rationality, it empowers the enemies of reason by enabling them to hold all of us to her low standard. Most importantly, her outbursts alienate the people most in need of genuine dialogue.

I am sick to death of my conversations with the religious being contaminated by the self-aggrandising nonsense of a loud mouthed bigot. Deveny does me no favours, and I wish she’d shut the fuck up.




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6 responses to “Catherine Deveny should shut up.

  • lapuntadelfin

    Oh Fuck yes. The post that had to be written. And done so with not an iota of overreach. Underreach perhaps. Thank You #nothingmorepowerfulthananideathathascomeoftime #FFSDeveny

  • Inner West LIVE

    Catherine Deveny should shut up….

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  • Meredith

    Calling religion a “mental illness” is not only an insult to those suffering from it but you’ve also proven yourself and your usual hyperbolic and condescending writing as no better than Catherine Deveny.

  • Marc Raynor

    What is it that she said that you has you up in arms? (I didn’t know who she was until I read this and I had to google her). I agree with you about Religion being a mental illness but so is psychopathy. Does this mean we shouldn’t attack psychopaths for their behaviour? I suppose if someone just has harmless delusions then they probably should be treated in the same way as someone with bi-polar or ADD as you say but if those delusions are more harmful they should probably be regarded in much the same way as psychopaths or sociopaths. But even if you accept that ADD, bi-polar, pychopathy and religion are mental disorders that doesn’t mean that we have to accept and tolerate the anti-social behaviours that can at times go along with those conditions.

    I don’t know enough about Catherine Denevy to know what you are referring to so I’m not sure what your angle is here. Can you post a link to something she has said that you want her to shut the fuck up about?

  • Marc Raynor

    Also, why do you say it’s unfortunate that some atheists have been indoctronated by their parents. It’s a parents job to teach his/her children about the world. To me that is a bit like saying it is unfortunate that parents teach their children not to play in the traffic rather than just letting them find out that cars injure or kill you when they hit you. Just because you were infected with Christianity before you built up your immune system doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t be immunised against it before they catch it.

  • Jezabel

    I fucking love this.

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