So here we go.

Why am I doing this? Dunno. I’m not clever enough to provide any real commentary on anything, and not funny enough to make for enjoyable reading.

Maybe that’s it though. I used to be funnier than a hat full of wonky cocks back when I didn’t care about anything. It’s easy to laugh when you’re on top of the world. It hasn’t been so easy of late, and I miss that.

So let’s call that the reason. This is a cheap alternative to a Disney movie called “When Gibbot got his fuck your mother back”, which is probably not very marketable, but would make for a great cooking show on a community channel somewhere. Certainly better than that hairy, lice-ridden freak SBS is giving oxygen to. Would you let Kosta (or whatever his dago name is) serve you food? I think not. You would hand him a bar of soap and a razor and send him off to Christmas Island to prepare jaffles for Steve Fielding.

Speaking of religious fuckwits (which we weren’t, but we will), I’ll be gunning for those little bucket jobs with wilful abandon.  Just for fun. I’d never heard the term ‘militant atheist’ until recently, and certainly don’t consider myself to be ‘militant’ anything, but it is about time someone took the fight back to these sanctimonious, kid-fucking leeches. If that means donning the khakis and buying a Che t-shirt then a bot’s got to do what a bot’s got to do. Take that on notice, Gary Ablett. The next time you see peanut butter I’m going to be using it as a lubricant.

There’ll be plenty of music oriented stuff too – for no other reason than it’s a language I’m conversant in, and consider it a still point in a moving world. I’ve got some good friends that I hope to bring aboard, so hopefully this won’t just be about me and my bent perceptions, but about you – and how fucked up your world is as well. We’re all in this together, after all.


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